A Documentary,
An Adventure, An Equipment...
and A Bullshit!

All here is a documentary about a straight line of my life as an online seller for ENDDUSTRIES Skateboarding Co., SKATESHOP INDONESIA, Mamak Store ENDHONESA and ENDHONESA Online Marketplace. This is a worthless set of My Receipt as an online seller.

For me, becoming an online seller is an adventure although I'm not an expert online seller or an expert Internet marketer. I'm just a "power-seller" wanna be who learn to use digital technology platform on the Internet.


My selling activities always exploit e-commerce website, online shop, online marketplace, social media marketing, onsite and offsite search engine optimization, also hybrid and native mobile app. All is an equipment for my life as an online seller.

And all of the above is a Bullshit! that comes out of my mouth.


This is shit! It's about my current shit project. Straining Ass ƒør;

unloading and re-organizing my sanctuary to completely reduce all my stuff that already packed!!!

...to get money to build a house for home...

Unloading Packed Stuff
Unloading Packed Stuff
Unloading Packed Stuff
Unloading Packed Stuff
Unloading Packed Stuff
Unloading Packed Stuff

Pile Of Shit



I'm done built a website with a domain name ENDDUSTRIES.COM, it's a fully online shop equipped with product catalog, shopping cart system, integrated checkout process and online payment gateway that I've published on 1st April 2006. Since then on ENDDUSTRIES.COM, ENDDUSTRIES Skateboarding Co.'s products sold side by side with other Indonesian local skateboarding brands.

Online: ENDDUSTRIES online media
Online: Mamak Kurniawan online media
Offline: Mamak Kurniawan by appointment


(2008) ENDCIDENTIAL Skateboards Shop

I built brick and mortar skateshop for offline selling. Because I'm still not settled and often on the move, I was named it with ENDCIDENTIAL Skateboards Shop, an incidental skateshop for ENDDUSTRIES Skateboarding Co. and Indonesian local skateboarding brands. As far as I know, it was the third skateshop in Indonesia after two others skateshop in Bandung and South Jakarta. I marked this moment with Ma2k8 because it was the starting point of my dream that came true.

Online: ENDDUSTRIES online media
Online: ENDCIDENTIAL online media
Online: Mamak Kurniawan online media
Offline: ENDCIDENTIAL (brick and mortar)
Offline: Mamak Kurniawan by appointment


(2011) Ma2k8 Store

In 2010 I survived from the illness and the bankruptcy. That's why I renamed ENDCIDENTIAL Skateboards Shop to ESS Skateboards Supply as a luck. But it's still my worst day, forced me to close ESS Skateboards Supply in 2011 and to sustain my life I sold any good stuff both offline and online using the name Ma2k8 Store not Mamak Kurniawan as a hope to keep my dream coming true.

Online: ENDDUSTRIES online media
Online: ESS online media (closed)
Online: Ma2k8 Store online media
Offline: ESS (brick and mortar - closed)
Offline: Ma2k8 Store by appointment


(2015) ENDHONESA Fashion

I created ENDHONESA Fashion to realize my passion that was influenced by the custom culture of Indonesia, the alternate beauty of skateboarder girl, the gold of a rusty old stuff or a vintage stuff and the art of a handmade product or any others good stuff. I'm hunting, collecting, creating and selling those good stuff to worldwide buyer or customer by integrating various online media and digital strategies.

Online: ENDDUSTRIES online media
Online: Mamak Store online media
Online: ENDHONESA online media
Offline: Mamak Store by appointment


(2016) ESS Skateboards Supply

After 4 years closed, finally I can reopened ESS Skateboards Supply. Thank's to one of my friends for the help and the encouragement so I can rebuilt a brick and mortar skateshop and an online skateshop website with a domain name SKATESHOP.ID for ESS Skateboards Supply. Since then, only ENDDUSTRIES Skateboarding Co.'s products sold on ENDDUSTRIES.COM and on SKATESHOP.ID, ENDDUSTRIES Skateboarding Co.'s products sold side by side with other Indonesian local skateboarding brands.

Online: ENDDUSTRIES online media
Online: ESS online media
Online: Mamak Store online media
Online: ENDHONESA online media
Offline: ESS (brick and mortar)
Offline: Mamak Store by appointment



Sorry to one of my friends, I switched the ESS Skateboards Supply business into SKATESHOP INDONESIA Skateboarding Online Store. Since then, the domain name SKATESHIOP.ID became fully online skateshop for SKATESHOP INDONESIA and ESS Skateboards Supply brick and mortar skateshop became Mamak Store or Mamak Kurniawan Store. Trust me, ESS Skateboards Supply always open!

Online: ENDDUSTRIES online media
Online: SKATESHOP INDONESIA online media
Online: Mamak Store online media
Online: ENDHONESA online media
Offline: Mamak Store (brick and mortar) by appointment


(Today) Mamak Store ENDHONESA

I renamed Mamak Store or Mamak Kurniawan Store to Mamak Store ENDHONESA. Until today, I also keep going with ENDDUSTRIES Skateboarding Co., SKATESHOP INDONESIA and ENDHONESA Online Marketplace to sustain THE AFIETADI'S better life.

Online: ENDDUSTRIES online media
Online: SKATESHOP INDONESIA online media
Online: Mamak Store ENDHONESA online media
Online: ENDHONESA online media
Offline: Mamak Store ENDHONESA (brick and mortar)


• 04-06-2018 20:52
Barang ok, recommended 👍
from budi, source Tokopedia.Com

• 29-03-2018 11:39
Respon Chat Cepat. Packing Baik. Recommended Seller. Cepat Sampai. Barang Sesuai Pesanan.
Professional seller. Great packing. Highly recommended seller
from sue saph,, source Bukalapak.Com

• 03-02-2018 11:15
Mantap. Barangnya original. Sesuai dengan penjelasan
from Irfan Wahyudi Ippe, source Tokopedia.Com

• 27-01-2018 12:13
design & warna smua sesuai, mungkin yg kurang adlh bahan nya yg kaku. tapi saya harap sih kedepan nya bandana ini makin di cuci makin lemes bahan nya :)
from sisca, source Tokopedia.Com

• 19-10-2017 19:47
Barang sip & Pelayanan Mantap..Good Seller !!! Thanks bro.
from Ratfighter,, source Bukalapak.Com

• 16-10-2017 20:59
Recommend seller, respon cepat, sangat friendly.. memuaskan!!!
from mangky afriadi,, source Bukalapak.Com

• 24-09-2017 22:31
Respon chat cepat. Packing baik. Recommended seller. Barang sesuai pesanan.
Pedagang yang bertanggung jawab dengan komsumen, saya puas dengan pelayanan lapak ini.
from Dedy Juliawan,, source Bukalapak.Com

• 22-09-2017 09:08
Respon chat cepat. Packing baik. Recommended seller. Cepat sampai. Barang sesuai pesanan.
Respon seller sangat baik dan cepat. packing aman. thank you.....
from wishnu widjanarko, source Bukalapak.Com

• 28-05-2016 11:31
top! bandananya ngga diragukan... kualitas pol! proses cepat... makasih banyak :)
from Faisal Azad, source Tokopedia.Com

• 26-05-2016 12:01
terima kasih barang sudah di terima dengan baik
from Fakhri Dzil Akram Azhari, source Tokopedia.Com

• 20-05-2016 17:56
Speechless, keren. Vintage bgt
from Adrian Zmith, source Tokopedia.Com

• 11-05-2016 16:21
barang cepat sampai dan kondisi bagus
from Thahakrisna Tahir, source Tokopedia.Com

• 10-05-2016 19:47
Thanks Masgan, transaksi cepat flawlessly, kirim WA, tanya ini, tanya itu, deal, transfer,
beres, harusnya semua seller kaya gini,
maka semua buyer akan tenang dalam berbelanja online, sukses terus ya Mas
from Arman, source AFIETADI.WEB.ID

• 06-03-2016 13:53
Barang sudah sampai dgn selamat. Good quality! Ditunggu list vinyl yg lainnya
from Widi Susatyo, source Tokopedia.Com

• 01-10-2015 22:14
Barang sudah sampai dengan selamat
from Rina Emavitria, source Tokopedia.Com

• 04-09-2015 22:45
dari dulu nyari serape dapet juga, 1 hari nyampe bandung, mantabs!
from Indra Fardiansyah, source Tokopedia.Com

• 22-08-2015 08:20
indah dipandang maupun digunakan dan saya sangat suka :)
from Nur Hasan, source Tokopedia.Com

• 24-06-2015 20:52
sampenya cepatt bearig mantap,.............
from Xaverius Tjentojo, source Tokopedia.Com

• 06-04-2015 19:47
Manteb nih.. pelayanan total, dengan hasil maksimal..
Gak ragu lagi buat repeat order! \m/,
from Rizal, source AFIETADI.WEB.ID

• 25-01-2015 19:47
Thanks gan topi, baju, sama jaket foo fighters nya udah di tangan.
Sangat tidak mengecewakan!! Oke lawww yaawwwww

• 16-01-2015 20:22
tadi pagi ane sms mau jual balance paypai ke agan ini.. gak pake lama langsung dibalas.
setelah cocok harga ratenya, langsung ane transaksi. thanks ya gan!
from watari, source FJB Kaskus

• 11-01-2015 07:32
Testimoni! Sempat deg degan bakalan 'Kena' dah - jam 10 jual balance PP,
terus jam 6 sore baru di transfer ke rek ane. Sempat khawatir juga, namanya juga manusia,
ane sms nanya2 gak di bales bales. Yang pasti - Rekomended dah. Recommended Seller.
Saran: Kalau bisa jangan kelamaan balas transferan ya gan,
kali aja memang ada yg butuh cepet setelah jual balance ke agan.
Minggu ini ane mau jual lagi ke agan.
from kacausekalee, source FJB Kaskus

• 31-12-2014 20:13
Rekomended seller.. Fast respond....
Walau dia kayaknya rugi bensin bolak balik atm hehehe...
from r1nt0, source FJB Kaskus

• 30-12-2014 13:55
barusan transaksi ama agan ini, setelah diskusi rate yg paling cocok.
paypai balance ane berubah deh jd balance di bank ga pake lama. Recommended lah pokoknya,
ga ada alasan untuk ga transaksi dengan agan satu ini.
from alamsz, source FJB Kaskus

• 04-09-2012 08:42
Puzzlenya dah sampe Juragan Mamak.... You are officially RECOMMENDED SELLER.
Thanks Bro, tinggal cari lem nya nih ama Cardboard yang segede gaban. Hahahahaha
from bloemfontein, source FJB Kaskus

• 03-09-2012 17:02
udah sampe. Paketnya udah diterima gan. thanks a lot.
recommended seller nih agan yg satu ini!
from fajar_ate, source FJB Kaskus

• 23-08-2012 07:33
@ma2k8 thank's mamak. it's cool.
from Kenny Tsai, source Twitter

• 18-08-2012 14:23
Siiiip mas,,, thx bwt gtr Epiphonx.. lain kli klu ada lg kbr2 yaa mas..
from TomCatzs, source Twitter

• 17-08-2012 17:02
Papannya udh smpe d sragen dgn selamat sentosa mak @ma2k8 maturnuwun... saparaatosss
from Didit Dwi Prayogo, source Twitter

• 22-01-2012 19:47
Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++.
from jrojas, source eBay

• 25-12-2011 13:58
Kiriman Pelican Case-ny sudah sampai.. kualitas-ny OK bgt.. thnx u...
from angelz_not, source FJB Kaskus

• 04-02-2008 19:47
from DELAPAN BIT, source Friendster


Full Of Crap


Me Oh Me

Thrifting √√ I'm so horny with all about hunting, collecting, creating and selling any good stuff. Even I'm very passionate with an unique experience of thrifting, when digging in through cluttered cabinets and shelves, the musty smell of who-knows-what spreading in the air, and of course the possibility of finding some good stuff or maybe really awesome stuff. It's the ultimate proof that one person's trash can be another person's treasure.

The Vehicle
The Hamzah Price

Skateboarding :| I’m very lazy but will be happy to think of something and to travel somewhere. Lucky me, in an LDII Islamic boarding school I was introduced to the skateboarding. Skateboarding made me think about how to do the trick and how to buy the best skateboard part. Skateboarding also made me travel somewhere to find a playground or a skatespot and to find some skateboarder friends. That’s why I’m falling in love with this skateboarding.


Concrete Wave

Digitalism /# In the first decade of the 21st century, being able to surf the Internet in my leisure making me an Internet con-artist. Be grateful, I'm no longer an Internet con-artist. As long as being an Internet con-artist I did not realize I got a lot of knowledge and experience to attract and convince people on the Internet.

Mail Order
Working Space

Experience !? Besides being an Internet con-artist, I have various background jobs, I was once a mechanical engineer, a video editor, a camera person, a content creator, a web admin, a web builders user, a content developer, a digital campaigner, a social media admin, a social media advertiser and a digital strategist. Now I just do that on freelance basis, if I'm not too lazy to do that.

Shoot Video
Build Web

Occupation @$ My main focus is selling skateboarding products and any other good stuff, both local brand and international branded products, from handmade to vintage items. My main focus includes the research and development of ideas and concepts also cooperation with influencers, designers, creator, craftsmen, brand owner, fashion labels, artists, thriftmen, thrift store and home based sellers in Indonesia.

Mamak Store
A Sanctuary

Leisure çç After I got married in 2015, I spent my leisure with my only son and my wife while occasionally exploring the hospitality of my family and my friends, of course also in their leisure. Otherwise, if you want to exploring my hospitality, please take me a little shred with skateboard either at the skatepark or at the skatespot. Let's go on traveling for skateboarding!



Happiness ¡! As an addition and affirmation, my main mission is just to satisfy my lust, alone or with family and friends to have fun, survive and be able to achieve happiness, in this case is skateboarding in Indonesia and become a seller in Indonesia who can sell to buyers in Indonesia and outside Indonesia.

On Skateboard
All Hail Son
On Traveling

Dragged In

• 24 May 2017 - 19:40:40
"Jumlah modul bisnis yang diperoleh user sebanyak 20 modul bisnis,
sama dengan user yang memainkan The Pofit melalui smatphone," jelas Digital Marketing The Profit, Afietadi Kurniawan.
source 7 KabarProgresif.Com
source 6 Matakota.Id
source 5 KabaraGress.Com
source 4 Malang Voice
source 3 Kabar Surabaya
source 2 Berita Metro News
source 1 Hari Satiman Blog

• 26 April 2017 - 15:51:40
"Kami menyediakan space khusus untuk instansi pemerintah maupun lembaga yang ingin menyampaikan pengumuman langsung ke masyarakat luas."
"Agar pengumuman mudah diserap masyarakat luas," timpal Afietadi Kurniawan, Digital Marketing Matakota yang akrab disapa Mamak.
source 1 Malang Voice

• 04 April 2017 - 15:19:22
"Oleh karena itu untuk mewujudkan Smart City, pemerintah dan masyarakat yang sudah smart dan aware perlu terintregasi."
"Kami sudah bersinergi dengan pemerintah kota, rencananya aplikasi ini akan kami berikan secara gratis,"
sergah Afietadi Mamak Kurniawan, Digital Marketing Natek Studio ikut menambahi.
source 3 Lensa Indonesia
source 2 Tribun News
source 1 Untuk Rakyat Indonesia

• 04 April 2017 - 15:19:22
Afietadi Kurniawan, mengatakan aplikasi ini juga dapat digunakan pemerintah untuk menyampaikan informasi kepada publik.
"Pemerintah bisa menghemat biaya untuk sosialisasi atau menyampaikan informasi ke publik, dengan mengetik pengumuman pada fitur Event.
Seluruh user akan mengetahui pengumuman saat itu juga," kata Afietadi.
source 12 Tau Ajalah Blog
source 11 INILAH.COM
source 10 The Tanjungpura Times
source 9 Harian Nasional
source 8 Portal JawaPos.com
source 7 Harian Bhirawa
source 6 Antara News
source 5 Media Youngster.id
source 4 Inspirator Freak
source 3 UZone Media
source 1 Ayoo Berita Indonesia

• 31 March 2017 - 19:40:40
Disisi lain, Afietadi Kurniawan, Digital Marketing Natek Studio menambahkan,
Matakota juga memiliki fitur unggulan lainnya yang membuat setiap masyarakat wajib menginstall aplikasi Matakota, yaitu fitur "Lost & Found".
Fitur ini berfungsi sebagai pelacak barang yang hilang berdasarkan community yang membutuhkan bluetooth dan GPS (Global Positioning System) untuk menemukan barang tersebut.
source 1 Kabar Surabaya

• 31 March 2017 - 07:47:47
Digital Marketing Natek Studio, Afietadi Kurniawan,
yang akrab disapa dengan sebutan Mamak menjelaskan Matakota sebuah aplikasi media sosial untuk pelaporan kasus yang membutuhkan respon cepat,
seperti bencana banjir, kebakaran, kecelakaan, perampokan, pencopetan, dan laporan seseorang yang hilang atau laporan sosial lainnya.
Aplikasi yang digarap sejak November 2016 ini, memiliki 5 fitur unggulan, yakni laporan lalu lintas, bencana, kriminal, kebakaran, dan sosial.
source 1 Portal BeritaSurabaya.Net

• 17 February 2017 - 19:47:47
Afietadi mengatakan sedang mendekati Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (Bekraf) agar bisa lebih masuk ke jaringan usaha kecil-menengah di Indonesia.
'Dan melatih mereka menggunakan game ini," ujarnya.
source 2 SWA Online (swa.co.id)
source 1 Portal Berita Tempo.Co

• 10 February 2017 - 01:09:40
Ada Afietadi Mamak Kurniawan sebagai content development and digital strategy.
Juga, Ahmad Syaifudin Azhar yang bertindak sebagai game development and programmer.
Kolaborasi itu menghasilkan game yang kini sudah bisa diunduh melalui aplikasi Play Store tersebut.
source 1 Portal JawaPos.com

• 15 September 2012 - 16:20:40
Endcidential Skateshop Nama Objek Perancangan: Encidential adalah badan usaha yang bergerak di bidang retail khususnya bergerak di bidang penyediaan alat skateboard.
Pemilik: Enddustries (owner bernama Afietadi Kurniawan). Alamat: Nginden Kota 2 No 27 Surabaya.
source 3 MAFIADOC
source 2 ANZDOC
source 1 DOCPLAYER

• 19 May 2011 - 07:40:40
Dan percayalah, skateboard yang hanya berupa papan beroda empat, dengan melewati hampir semua batasan,
segala kebaikan hadir kepada kamu yang meluncur dengan skateboard-mu, jangan ragu, mari kita coba...
(ditulis oleh Afietadi, foto oleh Iput Zealot, judul dari salah satu skateboarder Semarang)
source 1 Adrenaline Skateboarding

• 15 Maret 2005 - 12:03:10
Dan sebuah water rocket harus mampu melepaskan jaring yang dibawanya agar dapat menangkap target dengan sempurna.
"Artinya, jaring 1×1 meter itu harus terbuka penuh. Kemudian diukur lebar jaring dari pusatnya," papar Afietadi.
source News ITS.AC.ID



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