Life is a Mangrove

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Life is a Mangrove?!?! What comes in mind when knowing the name of this event is, “Life is a Mangrove“, let’s think for a while and don’t be hasty to answer it!!!

This event named “Life is a Mangrove” not because wanted to be presumed as mangrove lovers who dedicated the life to preserve the mangrove and its ecosystem. This event not at all to preserve the mangrove. This event just walking through the GALUR (SL) with the end point is in “Ekowisata Hutan Mangrove Surabaya (Surabaya Mangrove Forest Ecotourism) “, that’s it!!!

Life is a Mangrove


The plan when reached the end point, some people those encountered will be wooed to make a statement in one word about the meaning of life, definitions of life or description of life which had experienced since birth. To each people will be given a few moments so no hurry to reveal the statement and then the statement spoken and recorded using a video camera. In addition, each people also requested their data, that is;

  • Name,
  • E-mail Address,
  • Facebook Account Name or E-mail,
  • Twitter Username,
  • and a Signature as a proof that they are willing to publish their statements video in the Internet.

Well, consider the following map:

The map above is the GALUR‘s (SL) map of this event.

So, if you accidentally in location on May 13rd, 2012, please prepare your one word statement about life!!!

And for us “Life is a Mangrove“, that’s our one word statement about life. That’s why we named this event: LIFE IS A MANGROVE.

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  2. helloo.i’m from france,verry nicee event,I hope that this event happened in my country 🙂
    best regards


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